Monday, May 31, 2010

The Closest I'll Get To Mexico This Year...

This week the temperatures here have been hot! It's been over 30 for the last two weeks! (Over 86F if I have any American readers!)
I love summer, I love the heat, and I love the sun! (The sun, however, does not love me, but more about that in another post!)

Even though I have been enjoying this weather to the max, nothing compares to the sun in Mexico!



and food

uhh..minus the cheese.

Well, I thought nothing compared to Mexican Food...until this;

Homemade Pico De Gallo

*two tomoatos
*3 slices of red onion
*juice of half of a life
*couple dashes of hot sauce
*parsley (or cillantro)

Don't forget your Slap Chop!

1. Slice the tomato and then Slap Chop it into small pices.
2. Slap Chop 2 slices of red onion
3. Slap Chop 1/4 of a green pepper (last minute addition!)
4. Put all the chopped veggies into a tupperware container (make sure you have the lid!)
5. Squeeze in the juice of a fresh lime and add a couple dashes of hot sauce.
6. Add some chopped parsley (or cillantro, if you like that instead!) and a dash of salt.
(*Sidenote* You can't reall taste the salt in the salsa, but I find that it enhances the flavour of the tomato a little bit more!)
7. Shake, shake, shake! (Kind of like Slap Chop, Chop, Chop!)
8. Put the Pico De Gallo in the fridge for 30 minutes to an hour so all of the flavours can mingle!

While my flavours were all getting to know eachother in the fridge, I made a quick burrito with meatless beef tips.

Don't forget a few chips so that you can eat the extra salsa on the side!

This year, that's about as close as I am going to get to Mexico.
Unless there is a Mexico inspired area at Disney, then I'll check it out in Auguest. If not, I'll just bring my own Pico de Gallo.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Best Thing I Ever Ate...Snack Edition

While Food Network Stars might enjoy some more elaborate meals;
Guy Fieri, Adam Gertler and Delilah Winder like bacon dishes and Duff, Tyler and Cat like dishes with noodles, salmon and broccoli, not only am I vegan, so do not eat bacon or salmon, but I am also a lot easier to please.
I like things that are plain, simple and for snack time, quick and easy to prepare.

Enter banana and granola bowl.

It's so plain and simple that it's incredibly delicious. It also takes less than 3 minutes from the time you enter the kitchen until the time you sit down to eat it.

*one banana
*1/4 cup Almond Milk (or dairy, if you choose)
*Peanut Butter Granola
*Vegan Chocolate Chips

Peanut butter, banana and chocolate? Yes, please. One of the best combinations out there.

Slice banana into a bowl and add your choice of dairy

Top with some peanut butter granola

And chocolate chips.

Sit, eat, and enjoy. Whomever though of the peanut butter, banana and chocolate combination, I am down on my knees, kissing your feet.

Oh, and just to prove how obsessed I am with this combination, this was my dessert last night.

Banana Soft Serve, blended with a scoop of Dark Chocolate Dreams topped with a vegan chocolate mint cookie.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about meals and cooking this week, it's like post-break up therapy, so stay tuned. I made something so good tonight, that it might be The Best Thing I Ever Ate...Dinner Edition.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh yea, I forgot

I have a blog. I just logged in and saw that I haven't posted since Feb 21st.

I admit, I got cought up in life. Occasionally I've said "Yea, I should start blogging again" and then I forgot.
Well, my boyfriend and I broke up this week (all on my part) and even though I know, in the long run, I will be a much better person, it's difficult right now. So today I was trying to find things to do with my time, to kind of keep my mind off of it until these feelings pass.

So, here I am, back and ready to go. Except...err, well I wasn't exactly ready to blog, as I had nothing in my house to eat or blog about.

So with the top down...

Bags and latte in hand...

Off to the grocery store I went...

It was a fairly small shopping trip. I am going to try and just do these from now on, as I tend to go overboard and buy every fruit and vegetable I see, and then they go bad. By the time I got home, I was ready to eat my arm.
Instead, I took a black bean burrito out of the freezer so fast, the wrapper ended up on the floor.

Heated it, and had it with some plain soy yogurt on the side for dippage. I promise steamed broccoli made it onto the plate as well.
It hit the spot.

I have told myself that it is okay to sit at home alone this weekend and sulk/pamper myself, so I am off to watch Dear John and eat a freshly baked Vegan Blueberry Strusel Muffin from Mama Pea.

Tomorrow I have to teach for a bit, then I am off to watch some of my dance student's in competition.
On the to-do list for tomorrow as well;
*remember I have a blog.

Until then...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Missing Persons...?

That's what I've felt like from the blog world lately. It's been quite the busy could weeks over her in Becki'land. Today will be a pretty quick drive by post, so let's play catch up!
Last week was my 25th Birthday. I had dinner with a bunch of girlfriends.. (and the boyfriend)

and my bestest 3 year old friend, Alyssa.

After dinner the boyfriend and I headed to my mom's up north for some birthday bonding time. My younger brother and I are only 10 day's apart, so we usually try and get together at birthday time.
My mom told me that she didn't sleep for 3 night's before we came because she was so worried about what to feed me. My mom is still a total mom, and likes the spoil her children greatly. I told her not to worry, we would go grocery shopping once I got up there, and just to plan everyone else's meals, and I would be okay with my own. Well, of course she wouldn't have it.
On the first night, it was just her, the boyfriend and myself. She cooked them steaks. Let me tell you, these stakes were SO big that they didn't fit on dinner plates. It was insane.
She made me pasta, as I told her that pasta is basically the easiest, vegan friendly thing for me to eat. I didn't want to bother her with all sorts of crazy foods and recipies, and getting creative. So she just chopped up a ton of peppers, pan friend them with some garlic and 1/4 piece of chopped tofu, and threw it together with some spaghetti noodles and olive oil. It was super good.
The next day was birthday dinner. She had made the worlds LARGEST lasagna for our family. (My mom likes to make LOTS of food. You wouldn't beleive how tiny she is, though. She doesn't really eat it) She made me...pasta again. a lasagna type dish, I guess. It was just noodles with vegan bolognase sauce and baked. It was pretty good. The noodles dried up quite a bit though. I filled my plate with salad.
We had birthday cake after dinner.

It was amazing.

My mom's friend makes cakes out of her house. She challenged her friend to make me a vegan chocolate birthday cake. I didn't ask her what went into it, but she ASSURED me (like it was a life or death situation, really) that it was 100% vegan.

The rest of my family got a "regular" birthday cake, in their words. They are all very supportive of my going vegan, and the reasons behind it, but they like to enjoy their own things. And I am okay with that too. Life is about choices, and we all make our own. We live in a free country.

It was my brother's 23rd birthday, but the cake decorator at the store neglected to add the "23"
On to my presents! :) Because I'm a spoiled girl.
My mom got me this beautiful white gold diamond ring. She went away last year and asked what I wanted her to bring me back, and I told her that I would like a ring that I could have forever. Something that I could pass on to my children (one day) and what not. When she came back, I got a sweatshirt. I thought maybe she forgot about it, which I was okay with too. We are busy people. Nope, she was saving it, because she thought that my 25th birthday would be the best time.

Pretty, eh?
My older brother, sister-in-law, and nephew got me this beautiful Sworvski (sp?) Crystal necklace. I cried. It's so beautiful, and I never expected anything like this.

There's so many instructions that come with this thing!

The boyfriend got me a few joke/fun gift's including my own (pink) drum stick's for Rockband (we are obsessed), a Slap Chop (YAY!) and a gift card to Chapters. I have been wanting to read The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone for quite sometime now, but since she was on Oprah, the book has been sold out everywhere. (Should have bought it last time I saw it!) BUT! I did find the book just yesterday, so I was excited about that. I read through the first 100 pages lastnight. I'll review it at a later time.
My girlfriend's got my a $100 gift card to Lulu Lemon (I'm pretty easy to shop for. Lulu makes my life!) So, the boyfriend and I went on Tuesday to see what I could find. I walked into the store, and on the pile of wonderful Scuba Hoodies was this beauty.

I have been wanting/waiting for one since they came out months BEFORE the Olympics even started. Of course, every time I go there, they are sold out.

I am so excited. I've had the sweater all week, and haven't worn it. It's been waiting to be debuted tonight when Canada plays the USA. We are meeting my boyfriend's sister (in her matching sweater that we bought for her!) at a Brewery/Pub downtown for the game. Should be FUN times. Kind of sad that I have to work at 8am, because I'm sure more than one beer will be consumed tonight. I haven't drank since New Years...


My 2 best friend's also had babies this week.
Welcome baby Joshua Fredrick Douglas on Feb 17th at 8:28am and baby Aubrey Grace on February 19th at 12:42am.
Heather and I were supposed to go visit Lorie and baby Josha on Thursday at 1:00. At noon my phone rang and the conversation went like this
H: Bee, you shold probably go see Lorie and Joshua on your own...
Me: Umm..why?
H: Because I think I am in labour....
Me: You think?...
H: No, (scream) I am definatly in labour, we are going to the hospital now. Come later.
Me: Um, okay! Good luck..Love you guys..

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lazy Sunday!

I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday. I spent the most part of the morning lounging around and enjoying some whole wheat vegan pancakes.

*1/2 Cup Whole Wheat Flour
*1/2 tbsp. sugar
*1 tbsp. baking powder
*pinch of salt
*1/2 Cup soy milk
*dark chocolate chips

Next time I'll add a touch more soy milk. The batter was fairly thick and I had trouble pouring it into two different pancakes. The result was one super thick pancake which took a little bit longer to cook, so it was a tad bit crispy out the outside. Served with 5 sliced strawberries.

The pancake made me pretty full and I had a hard time moving after. After a quick Twitter arse kicking from Jaime

I made it off the couch and into cleaning mode. I dusted, vaccumed and wiped down the living room, kitchen and bedroom. The bathroom will have to wait. I then went out and cleaned the inside and outside of my Jeep. It's a beautiful afternoon.

Came home and was starving. Lunch was leftover's from lastnight curtosy of Mr. Dumpling.
Schezuan Tofu with white sticky rice. (I cave for sticky rice. Whole wheat just isn't the same)

I gave my boyfriend the fortune cookie, but I had to share the fortune with you all.

Umm, thanks? True, I guess.

Superbowl tonight! We are going over to a friend's for the first half, but are going to come home for dinner and watch the second half. Stuffed peppers and steamed broccoli are on the menu. Yum!

Are you a Superbowl watcher? What's your favourite part?
I enjoy youtubing all the American commercials the next morning. It blows my mind how much money people pay for Superbowl advertising!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Let's Try This Again..

Hello everyone...(if you are still out there) *chirp chirp* Oh, there's the cricket's!

Well, I started 2010 with a goal to blog my life as a new vegan. As you can most likely tell, it failed. Almost everyday I say to myself "Becki, you need to start blogging, you used to really enjoy it" and then the boyfriend and I start watching TV, play a bit of Rockband and then it's bed time. So, another day bit the dust with no blog.
Well, that's about to change. Lastnight I made a solid commitment to myself that I am going to blog. I am really enjoying my life as a vegan, and enjoy reading about all of you, so I am back. I will start taking pictures again, tracking my meals on here, and just generally talking.

So, I woke up this morning with the best intentions. After my shower, I made my breakfast, and took a picture.

Into the pot went:
1/3 cup water
1/3 cup vanilla soy milk
1/3 cup of oats
Pinch cinnamon
Pinch brown sugar
A small drizzle of reduced sugar maple syrup

Well, let me tell you, this was my first time making oats on the stove top. I've always been the lazy, microwave type of gal.
Well, I walked away from the stove and went to put my hair up and next thing I knew..yup, over boil in my kitchen!!
So I tossed it, and started again. Same things in the pot, this time I paid attention to it. Much better result's.
I topped my oats with
1/2 cup of diced strawberries
1/4 (or so) of vegan chocolate chips
I love when the chocolate get's melty in my oatmeal. I am trying to try new things with my oatmeal. I've recently tried flax, but something was off. I'm not sure if it was the taste, or the texture, I just didn't enjoy it.

Well, then the day went on. And by the time I had eaten my first snack (cucumber and spicy hummus) my lunch (left over Vegan Sheppard's pie from lastnight with steamed broccoli) and my afternoon snack (2 clemintines and 1 cup of cantelope) I ended up with no picture's. I always remembered after I finished eating. And I'm sure you don't want to see picture's of my empty plate. It's just not that interesting.
Hopefully remembering to take picture's is something that comes with time?

Once I got home from work today I migrated from the couch. And did.not.move. for an hour and a half. I am so tired today. Late night lastnight, I guess.
The boyfriend had his son tonight so they went to visit grandpa (I finished work too late) so I was on my own. It was starting to get late and I just wanted something quick, easy and filling.
Enter pasta. My quick, easy, go-to.

I had 1cup of noodles (2 types so that I could finish off a box in the pantry) and "beefed" it up with peas, carrots and corn that were left over from dinner lastnight. All tossed together with red sauce and served with a quickly toasted slice of whole wheat bread with Earth Balance butter.
Not the healthiest of meals, but at least I didn't stop for the Harvey's Veggie Burger and fries that I was thinking would be just as easy.

So, hopefully, going forward, I will be able to see all of you lovely people on a more consistant basis, and with more picture's. I'm off to have a Pumpkin Spice Tea with a couple more vegan chocolate chips and watch Supernatural. Then it's bed time for me.

Was taking picture's and blogging regularly something that you just did from day 1? Or did the habit take time? Apparently, habit's can take approximatly 21 day's to form.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Holy, fly by!

These last couple weeks have gone by SO quickly.

I've spent the last week taking care of a sick boyfriend. He had the flu, HARD. It was a week full of no sleep, rushing through work, no workouts. Yea, I'll admit it! I was a total fail!

Being around someone who was very sick, I thought that I would get it...? We were both very surprised that I didn't get down, once. The boyfriend said that it was maybe because of the foods that I eat. I thought about it, and my diet mostly consists of the following:

Breakfasts: some type of light carb (usually oatmeal or quinoa) with fresh fruit. Weekly I buy:
*a pineapple
*and raspberries. I learnt a long time ago, that no matter how expensive raspberries are at different times of the year, I must buy them. When I don't feel like eating any fruit, the raspberries always catch my eye.

Lunches are always salad's. If you had read my old blog, you know that I despised salad. I very rarely ate them, and when I did, I always said that I didn't enjoy it and had to eat something else after. Since I've been buying so many more fruits and vegetables lately (who would have thought a vegan buys so many!?? haha) I have found many salad's that I enjoy. The boyfriend even took a salad to work one day last week. (One day is a good start, I think)
I didn't like salad's before because I don't like lettuce. I don't like fruits or vegetables that don't have much taste, and I think that lettuce and spinach are the two most tasteless foods out there. Instead, I have started using kale, bean sprouts and pre-cut coleslaw mix. The coleslaw mix has to be my favourite. I don't know why I didn't think of it before.
Do you use a lettuce/spinach alternative?

There will be another post very soon (I promise that I will start posting more, with pictures, showcasing all the deliciousness that I have been filling my body with on a regular basis.) The boyfriend has been asleep for the last hour (I think he's finally feeling better, so I am taking advantage of the quiet night on the couch, and catch up on all the girl shows that I taped this week. The Bachelor, here I come! This show is so corny and catty and embarassing really, but..alas, I love it)

Friday, January 8, 2010

My Thoughts On The First Week...

WOW! January 8th already? Where has the first week of 2010 gone? I hope the rest of this year doesn't go by so fast. Okay, well, maybe the next month because in exactly one month and two day's I will be 25! (YAY...EEK..I'm not sure yet!)

So, it has also been officially one week since becoming completly vegan. This is what I've figured so far.

*I don't miss cheese (well, yet anyway)
*There is no alternative for cream cheese either (we had already concluded that there is no actual cheese replacement) Soy Cream Cheese...I didn't like it one bit.
*I am obsessed with oatmeal, but tired of it at the same time (more about this later)
*Too much soy milk makes my tummy hurt
*Sleep is so much better when your stomach isn't full of dairy
*Tea is my friend
*Tofu is limitless
*85% Dark Chocolate is the most decadent dessert of life

Let me tell you, breakfast has always been a challenge for me. Even when I was still eating everything. I like it to be quick, easy and not involve a lot of effort. Since 3 or 4 day's a week I start work at 5AM, it needs to be fast. Otherwise I won't get a chance to eat until 9:30. So, it also has to have a lot of staying power. When I was still eating meat and eggs, I would make "Egg McMuffins" in the microwave (heat egg in small container for 45 seconds, stir, put a piece of ham ontop, continue cooking for 1 minute. While that is cooking, put a english muffin in the toaster, put it all together with a piece of cheese) I would eat this while I got ready at 4:30am, and then eat an apple or banana on my drive.
Once I stopped eating eggs and meat, I always went for the small bagel with cream cheese, some tomato's and cucumber (more of a lunch, but always kept me full) Well, since I have no option for cream cheese anymore, I have eaten oatmeal every day for the last couple of weeks. (I stopped eating most cheeses during the month of December) Well, I still *love* oatmeal, I am getting so bored of it.
I see so many bloggers fancying up their oatmeals, but I am a creature of habit and can not get away from brown sugar, slivered almond's and a banana. Going back my previous post, the thought of adding anything new gives me anxiety.
So, while I still love oatmeal, I must find another quick, early morning go to breakfast.
Your idea's are more than welcomed right now.

The rest of my meals have been wonderful. It helps that I am a planner and know what I am going to eat for dinner everyday. If I didn't, I most likely would eat cracker's for dinner. I hate coming up with plans at the last minute.
I must get into the habbit of taking picture's. I just went through my camera and took...1 picture this week of my meals. The picture that I did take looked delicious. However, my camera cord has gone missing in the Post-Christmas Clean, so I will have to find that.
My boyfriend is usually pretty good at trying new things with me. The only thing he has said no to so far is brussel sprouts. So one night we had roasted veggies containing carrots, snap peas and brussel sprouts, and I had to pick his out before we ate.
I love how versatile tofu is. I like to usually eat it fairly close to it's regular form. It's just all the spices and things that have made it delicious.
This week, I (we) have tried
*chili, lime and basil (Thank you, Whole Foods)
*chunks tossed in a tex-mex bread crumbs and pan fried (with probably a little bit too much oil)
*baked in the oven smothered with homemade "Cream" (Soy Milk) Mushroom Soup. This, let me tell you, was the most delicious thing I may have EVER tasted in my life. There will be a recipie with pictures next time we have it. (Probably VERY soon)

Well, I'm off. I should probably take the Christmas tree down. It's completly undecorated, I have just been to busy to actually take it apart.

Before I go, two of my most favourite blogs that I follow are running the Disney Marathon this weekend. Check out Caitlin, and Meghann and wish them luck!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Day I Tired New Things...

I think there is going to be a lot of "trying new things" day's in the next few month's. I'm kind of sceptical about it. I really like finding new vegetables, fruits, protien's and things that I like. But it's the "trying" part that get's me. I have no problem's purchasing and cooking new items. But it's the act of putting the fork to my mouth that really terrifies me.

Let's quickly rewind back to yesterday. Food choices weren't the most rounded, as I was exhausted and had SO much to do.
Breakfast started with a bagel with jam. I was running late for work, so this was the quickest and easiest thing to eat.
Lunch came, and I decided to have the breakfast that I had planned on. I had a quick bowl of oatmeal, with sliced almond's, brown sugar and banana. There is something about eating oatmeal in the winter that makes it taste SO much better.
I love all the combination's of oatmeal that people try. I'm excited to branch out on my normal "fruit and nut" oatmeans. Tomorrow I plan to add some White Chocolate Wonderful Peanut Butter to it.
The boyfriend and I had an afternoon packed full of Rockband, LuLu Lemon Shopping, Whole Foods, and having dinner with his son. So I quickly snacked on a homemade vegan Orange Cranberry Cookie (that I instead shaped into bars) They are so delicious. I made them for our Christmas Party the first weekend in December and have made them twice since. I love me some dried cranberries.
We tackled all the shopping we had to do (walked out of LuLu with only 2 item's, that is a miracle in itself) had a wonderful time at Whole Foods, then came Rockbank time. BF's son Kobe just LOVES Rockband. He can not play at all (he's only 5) so we play together. Basically I hold the guitar, and press the button's, and he just dances around between my arms. But he always wants to do "..just oneeeeee more, PLEASE daddy?" so our Rockband games always go forever.
I just made a super quick dinner. Meat and tomato ravioli with garlic bread for them, and whole wheat pasta with sauteed zuccini and red pepper for me.
On the side?
This is where I tired something new.
Garlic Bread (soy margarine) with Earth Island Vegan Gourmet Soya Nacho Flavour Cheese.

The boyfriend picked it out at Whole Foods because of the "It Melts!" selling feature. (Oh, marketing, how I love thee)
The verdict?
It was really good. However, not made for "garlic bread" It indeed does melt, but not under the broiler like I had assumed. It melted when I put it in the microwave, and turned into a cheese dip of goodness that would be delicious with some tortilla chips or something.

I also purchased some other "first time" goodies at Whole Foods that I will let you all know about as I try them.
I am sitting her munching on a Peanut Toffee Buzz Cliff bar as I write this post. I am hungry for breakfast (it's 10:30am. I like to sleep in on Sunday's) and I am going to try some coy cream cheese that my boyfriend so lovingly bought for me yesterday. Except, just like I mentioned..the thought of putting it in my mouth is what kind of terrifies me....

How do you deal with trying new foods? Can you just cook it and try it?

Friday, January 1, 2010

The New Year Has Come!

Happy New Year to you all!
I hope that you are proud of everything that you did in 2009 and are looking forward to 2010 and thinking about all the things that you can accomplish this year.

When I started reflecting on last year, I am very proud of the year that I had.

I changed jobs into something that is more fit for me, and have never been happier to go to work. Each morning I wake up with excitment to get to work and see what the day brings. Sure, there has definatly been some ups and downs (especially at the end of the summer, when after 4 month's I was promoted and found myself in quite the situation of uncertainty) but all in all I am so happy with the change. There is so much room for growth and opportunity for me that I giggle with excitment when I think about it.

I did a lot of "deep down" thinking this year and made a lot of positive changes to myself, in my actions and in my beliefs in life. While I have no regret's about the first 23 years that I was on this Earth, I wasn't really "myself". I was who I thought I wanted to be, and had friends that I thought I wanted to have, relationships that I thought I wanted to last. One day I was just sitting around on a day off and thought to myself "Stop. This is really not what you want. Yes, you are enjoying the lifestyle that you are living, but are you truly happy with it?" And the answer was no. I knew that I had more aspirations, goals and belief's in life that I was not living up to. I sat and made a list of what I wanted in life, and who I wanted my reflection of myself to show, and made the changes necessary for that. I lost some friend's along the way, but the ones that I kept and the new ones that I made are built on a much more solid foundation. Instead of finding people that I wanted to party with, I found myself in a sea of people that are so inspiring to me, and consistantly strive to be the best person that they can be, and want the same thing for me. (Two of the strongest relationships that I build happen to be 2 people who I know are reading this right now, so I just thought that I would take the time to mention how special and important you are. Not a day goes by that I am not proud of everything that you have done in life, where you have been, and where you are going.)

Another big thing that happened for me this year (and is the basis of this blog, really) is my transition into making myself healthier on the inside, foodwise. In May I became a vegetarian. No, I was not thinking about it prior. I literally woke up one morning and said "I am going to be vegetarian." Why? I'm still not quite sure. One of the reasons was that I was tired of basing everything that I ate around MEAT. I was that person that would say "Yes, well, I am going to have chicken tonight...but what else?" I was stuck in a total food rut. I ate (basically) the same thing every day. It got boring. I needed something new.
Becoming vegetarian was not as hard for me as one would think. I spent grade 8-11 as a vegetarian, so I had a lot to go by. I had read multiple books, read many online articles and had experienced so many food choices.
For the past 7 month's, I have never felt better in my life. I have more energy, get sick a lot less, and do not sleep for 12 hours at a time like I did before. When by body is lacking in something, and I start to feel "sluggish" I can counteract it with the food choices I make. Before, I would just continue to make "bad" choices and assume that something was wrong with me.
Now, when I'm tired, I know that I need more protein. When my body feels like not moving, iron is the answer. When my brain isn't thinking straight, I head straight for the potassium.
Many people have assumed that I did this for animal rights, and yes, while that is such a positive thing that has come out of it, that wasn't the reason for it.
Now, after doing so much more reading this year, veganism just seems to be the next step for me. I just want all my cells in my body to be clean, and not full of things that don't need to be here. That is the main reason.
I am not worried about this transition as much as one would think. I gave up most dairy and other animal by-products in the last few months. The biggest one that I was not able to give up was cheese.
In fact, I may have indulged in half of a small cheese pizza lastnight as my "final supper". Yes, I enjoyed every minute of it. No, I am not sad to give it up. I am looking forward to finding new things to fill that "comfort food" void. As Ashley mentioned to me the last time I saw her, there is no replacement for cheese, I am excited to look for new things. It will be starting with a trip to Whole Foods tomorrow morning. My boyfriend has decided that while, he is no where near ready to give up meat (Who am I to even ask someone to do that?) he would like to expand his pallet as well, and is very eager to try things with me.

I think I will leave the rest of my rambles for another day though.
Where do I plan on going with "New VEGANnings"? I'm not quite sure yet. I think it will mostly just be another "food blog" But will also be full of my successes as well as cries for help as I transition into this lifestyle (That I am SO excited for)

2 things before I go.

1. I leave you with some of my goals for this year. (I do not make resolutions, as people tend to break them. I just set goals for myself)
-to become less dependant on processed foods. I must start to make the time for myself to cook, eat and enjoy food the way that it was ment to be.
-learn to knit (I have always wanted to do this, and have tried, but failed, to teach myself on multiple occasions)
-give up this smoking thing once and for all. I have done VERY well in the last 4 month's, and have maybe had a total of 7 cigarettes in 4 months. However, I just need to find something to kick the habbit in times of high stress
-read one book per month that will make me smarter. I am a very intellegant person, but my brain is very limited. If it doesnt have to do with math, science or english, I don't think about it. I believe I am going to start with Creating Chaos. My friend read it in December, and it seems to be a good place to start.

2. I promised a give-away to one of you that became me FIRST readers of this blog. I origionally said that that winner would recieve a copy of How It All Vegan. However, I have recently finished reading In Defence Of Food and Food Inc. and fell in love with both of them. These are the books that stemmed me into reading one book per month. SO, the winner will get a choice!
And the winner is....(random drawing)
Amanda, Another Prior Fat Girl
Amanda also just reached her GOAL WEIGHT just a few day's before Christmas. Congrats Amanda! Your transformation is breath taking. You look fabulouso!
You can e-mail me at and leave me your address as well as your choice of book and I will have it sent to you next week! (As well as a CONGRATS ON GETTING TO GOAL gift as well!)

May you all have the best year of your lives thus far in 2010.