Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lazy Sunday!

I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday. I spent the most part of the morning lounging around and enjoying some whole wheat vegan pancakes.

*1/2 Cup Whole Wheat Flour
*1/2 tbsp. sugar
*1 tbsp. baking powder
*pinch of salt
*1/2 Cup soy milk
*dark chocolate chips

Next time I'll add a touch more soy milk. The batter was fairly thick and I had trouble pouring it into two different pancakes. The result was one super thick pancake which took a little bit longer to cook, so it was a tad bit crispy out the outside. Served with 5 sliced strawberries.

The pancake made me pretty full and I had a hard time moving after. After a quick Twitter arse kicking from Jaime

I made it off the couch and into cleaning mode. I dusted, vaccumed and wiped down the living room, kitchen and bedroom. The bathroom will have to wait. I then went out and cleaned the inside and outside of my Jeep. It's a beautiful afternoon.

Came home and was starving. Lunch was leftover's from lastnight curtosy of Mr. Dumpling.
Schezuan Tofu with white sticky rice. (I cave for sticky rice. Whole wheat just isn't the same)

I gave my boyfriend the fortune cookie, but I had to share the fortune with you all.

Umm, thanks? True, I guess.

Superbowl tonight! We are going over to a friend's for the first half, but are going to come home for dinner and watch the second half. Stuffed peppers and steamed broccoli are on the menu. Yum!

Are you a Superbowl watcher? What's your favourite part?
I enjoy youtubing all the American commercials the next morning. It blows my mind how much money people pay for Superbowl advertising!

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  1. bwahaha...glad I could be of arse kicking assistance! :)