Sunday, February 21, 2010

Missing Persons...?

That's what I've felt like from the blog world lately. It's been quite the busy could weeks over her in Becki'land. Today will be a pretty quick drive by post, so let's play catch up!
Last week was my 25th Birthday. I had dinner with a bunch of girlfriends.. (and the boyfriend)

and my bestest 3 year old friend, Alyssa.

After dinner the boyfriend and I headed to my mom's up north for some birthday bonding time. My younger brother and I are only 10 day's apart, so we usually try and get together at birthday time.
My mom told me that she didn't sleep for 3 night's before we came because she was so worried about what to feed me. My mom is still a total mom, and likes the spoil her children greatly. I told her not to worry, we would go grocery shopping once I got up there, and just to plan everyone else's meals, and I would be okay with my own. Well, of course she wouldn't have it.
On the first night, it was just her, the boyfriend and myself. She cooked them steaks. Let me tell you, these stakes were SO big that they didn't fit on dinner plates. It was insane.
She made me pasta, as I told her that pasta is basically the easiest, vegan friendly thing for me to eat. I didn't want to bother her with all sorts of crazy foods and recipies, and getting creative. So she just chopped up a ton of peppers, pan friend them with some garlic and 1/4 piece of chopped tofu, and threw it together with some spaghetti noodles and olive oil. It was super good.
The next day was birthday dinner. She had made the worlds LARGEST lasagna for our family. (My mom likes to make LOTS of food. You wouldn't beleive how tiny she is, though. She doesn't really eat it) She made me...pasta again. a lasagna type dish, I guess. It was just noodles with vegan bolognase sauce and baked. It was pretty good. The noodles dried up quite a bit though. I filled my plate with salad.
We had birthday cake after dinner.

It was amazing.

My mom's friend makes cakes out of her house. She challenged her friend to make me a vegan chocolate birthday cake. I didn't ask her what went into it, but she ASSURED me (like it was a life or death situation, really) that it was 100% vegan.

The rest of my family got a "regular" birthday cake, in their words. They are all very supportive of my going vegan, and the reasons behind it, but they like to enjoy their own things. And I am okay with that too. Life is about choices, and we all make our own. We live in a free country.

It was my brother's 23rd birthday, but the cake decorator at the store neglected to add the "23"
On to my presents! :) Because I'm a spoiled girl.
My mom got me this beautiful white gold diamond ring. She went away last year and asked what I wanted her to bring me back, and I told her that I would like a ring that I could have forever. Something that I could pass on to my children (one day) and what not. When she came back, I got a sweatshirt. I thought maybe she forgot about it, which I was okay with too. We are busy people. Nope, she was saving it, because she thought that my 25th birthday would be the best time.

Pretty, eh?
My older brother, sister-in-law, and nephew got me this beautiful Sworvski (sp?) Crystal necklace. I cried. It's so beautiful, and I never expected anything like this.

There's so many instructions that come with this thing!

The boyfriend got me a few joke/fun gift's including my own (pink) drum stick's for Rockband (we are obsessed), a Slap Chop (YAY!) and a gift card to Chapters. I have been wanting to read The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone for quite sometime now, but since she was on Oprah, the book has been sold out everywhere. (Should have bought it last time I saw it!) BUT! I did find the book just yesterday, so I was excited about that. I read through the first 100 pages lastnight. I'll review it at a later time.
My girlfriend's got my a $100 gift card to Lulu Lemon (I'm pretty easy to shop for. Lulu makes my life!) So, the boyfriend and I went on Tuesday to see what I could find. I walked into the store, and on the pile of wonderful Scuba Hoodies was this beauty.

I have been wanting/waiting for one since they came out months BEFORE the Olympics even started. Of course, every time I go there, they are sold out.

I am so excited. I've had the sweater all week, and haven't worn it. It's been waiting to be debuted tonight when Canada plays the USA. We are meeting my boyfriend's sister (in her matching sweater that we bought for her!) at a Brewery/Pub downtown for the game. Should be FUN times. Kind of sad that I have to work at 8am, because I'm sure more than one beer will be consumed tonight. I haven't drank since New Years...


My 2 best friend's also had babies this week.
Welcome baby Joshua Fredrick Douglas on Feb 17th at 8:28am and baby Aubrey Grace on February 19th at 12:42am.
Heather and I were supposed to go visit Lorie and baby Josha on Thursday at 1:00. At noon my phone rang and the conversation went like this
H: Bee, you shold probably go see Lorie and Joshua on your own...
Me: Umm..why?
H: Because I think I am in labour....
Me: You think?...
H: No, (scream) I am definatly in labour, we are going to the hospital now. Come later.
Me: Um, okay! Good luck..Love you guys..


  1. Sounds like a fab birthday! Mom's are such worriers!! :) Love all of your gifties...of course, especially the hoodie!!

  2. Looks like you had a pretty awesome birthday! Happy Birthday!