Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Best Thing I Ever Ate...Snack Edition

While Food Network Stars might enjoy some more elaborate meals;
Guy Fieri, Adam Gertler and Delilah Winder like bacon dishes and Duff, Tyler and Cat like dishes with noodles, salmon and broccoli, not only am I vegan, so do not eat bacon or salmon, but I am also a lot easier to please.
I like things that are plain, simple and for snack time, quick and easy to prepare.

Enter banana and granola bowl.

It's so plain and simple that it's incredibly delicious. It also takes less than 3 minutes from the time you enter the kitchen until the time you sit down to eat it.

*one banana
*1/4 cup Almond Milk (or dairy, if you choose)
*Peanut Butter Granola
*Vegan Chocolate Chips

Peanut butter, banana and chocolate? Yes, please. One of the best combinations out there.

Slice banana into a bowl and add your choice of dairy

Top with some peanut butter granola

And chocolate chips.

Sit, eat, and enjoy. Whomever though of the peanut butter, banana and chocolate combination, I am down on my knees, kissing your feet.

Oh, and just to prove how obsessed I am with this combination, this was my dessert last night.

Banana Soft Serve, blended with a scoop of Dark Chocolate Dreams topped with a vegan chocolate mint cookie.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about meals and cooking this week, it's like post-break up therapy, so stay tuned. I made something so good tonight, that it might be The Best Thing I Ever Ate...Dinner Edition.


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