Monday, January 18, 2010

Holy, fly by!

These last couple weeks have gone by SO quickly.

I've spent the last week taking care of a sick boyfriend. He had the flu, HARD. It was a week full of no sleep, rushing through work, no workouts. Yea, I'll admit it! I was a total fail!

Being around someone who was very sick, I thought that I would get it...? We were both very surprised that I didn't get down, once. The boyfriend said that it was maybe because of the foods that I eat. I thought about it, and my diet mostly consists of the following:

Breakfasts: some type of light carb (usually oatmeal or quinoa) with fresh fruit. Weekly I buy:
*a pineapple
*and raspberries. I learnt a long time ago, that no matter how expensive raspberries are at different times of the year, I must buy them. When I don't feel like eating any fruit, the raspberries always catch my eye.

Lunches are always salad's. If you had read my old blog, you know that I despised salad. I very rarely ate them, and when I did, I always said that I didn't enjoy it and had to eat something else after. Since I've been buying so many more fruits and vegetables lately (who would have thought a vegan buys so many!?? haha) I have found many salad's that I enjoy. The boyfriend even took a salad to work one day last week. (One day is a good start, I think)
I didn't like salad's before because I don't like lettuce. I don't like fruits or vegetables that don't have much taste, and I think that lettuce and spinach are the two most tasteless foods out there. Instead, I have started using kale, bean sprouts and pre-cut coleslaw mix. The coleslaw mix has to be my favourite. I don't know why I didn't think of it before.
Do you use a lettuce/spinach alternative?

There will be another post very soon (I promise that I will start posting more, with pictures, showcasing all the deliciousness that I have been filling my body with on a regular basis.) The boyfriend has been asleep for the last hour (I think he's finally feeling better, so I am taking advantage of the quiet night on the couch, and catch up on all the girl shows that I taped this week. The Bachelor, here I come! This show is so corny and catty and embarassing really, but..alas, I love it)

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  1. I usually love tasty/savory meals, but lately I've been addicted to munching on a bowl of chopped up broccoli with really thinly slicked onions, a little bit of salt, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil. My boyfriend and I discovered this was delicious because we wanted salads for lunch, but realized we were out of pretty much everything green except broccoli! hah.